We struggle daily to have a sense of completeness and to find fulfilment. Sadly, both elude most people as though they weren’t destined for something great.

To be free is to be fulfilled. To be free is to be all that you have the ability to become. The true mark of freedom is not a world without struggle. But a world where we all find our place of leadership and shine our gifts, making a difference daily and leaving our mark in the world – that is true freedom.

The truth that makes us free isn’t always sounded on roof tops. The truth that makes us free is one that challenges us to realize what we are capable of in light of our true potential.

We were all birth for something greater that the world hasn’t experienced yet. However, you may never bring to light your true self if you do not know the truth that makes us free.

The following five truths can make you free:

1. Your comfort zone is your prison

Who doesn’t love when things are going well? It is something to be thankful for when we are where we have always wanted to be. A blissful relationship and a well paying job are examples of being at a comfort zone.

However, when we feel most comfortable, we stop trying and finding new ways to grow.

Living beyond just breathing requires growing daily, learning to cope with unpleasant situations, expecting the best but preparing for the worst.

Every fulfilled person history tells us about reminds us that there is no point of arrival for anyone living with purpose. Our life is always a work-in-progress. Today might be better than yesterday but things can be much better tomorrow.

Your comfort zone is your prison because it inhibits your creative ability. You cannot realize the stuff you are made of if you do not experience the winds like a ship on sail.

2. It is not enough to believe in something

Everyone believes in something, but not everyone has something to live for. Do you have something to live for? What is your life about?

You cannot find fulfilment if you do not wake daily with purpose. What are the things that sadden you about the world that you will love to change? The things you cannot sit, see and comfortably ignore are the things you are meant to change and solve.

The things you cannot sit, see and comfortably ignore are the things you are meant to change and solve. Click To Tweet

Activist, Minister and Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. rightly said, ‘If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.’ When you find your purpose, you find passion. When you find passion, it energizes your talent so that you can achieve excellence.

Do not only believe in something, live for something because only then can you truly find freedom.

3. You need courage to learn

To truly learn requires a great deal of courage. You might have grown up believing that reading a book or listening to a lecture is what learning is about. That is true but only half the whole truth.

Think about all the things you have come to know through reading or listening. Your problem wasn’t really reading or listening, it was practicing what you had read or heard.

In case you might be wondering ‘how does learning require courage?’ The answer is it takes courage to put to action what you learn.

John C. Maxwell writes, ‘we often mistakenly believe that learning is passive, that we learn by reading a book or listening to a lecture. But to learn, we must take action.’

To be free and find fulfilment in all your endeavours you need courage to learn, and to learn you need to put to work the knowledge you’ve received overtime. Overcome the fear that comes with striving for new heights and goals.

4. Your greatness lies in your ability to serve

Do you treat others worse than they treat you or the same way they treat you? I know we tell ourselves to be nice only to those who are nice to us. The problem with that idea is it limits our freedom.

For you to be free and be fulfilled, for you to be all that you can be, you need to treat others better than they treat you.

Do not serve people in the same measure they serve or help you. Your greatness lies in your ability to serve and be different.

5. You will face obstacles but grow bigger

If there is anything we do not want in life, is a life filled with challenges. Consciously realize you will face obstacles.

Facing obstacles has never been the problem of achievers and those who find internal freedom and a sense of fulfilment and meaning in life. Their worry and concern has always been how to grow bigger than their obstacles.

I strongly believe an obstacle is a training opportunity that strains your believe and tests your desire for what you search for.

Will challenges and obstacles arise? Yes! Will you feel like giving up? Yes you will! Will things get better? Yes and No. Yes if you choose to become bigger than the obstacles you face. No if you do not persist.

Grow bigger than your obstacles by changing how you perceive it. Obstacles are not dynamic but you are. Mountains cannot grow bigger but you can. Draw strength within you and know there is always a way to win, to move forward and to be free.

An obstacle is a training opportunity that strains your believe and tests your desire for what you search for. Click To Tweet

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Herbert Agar said, “The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.”

These five truths may not be the most encouraging words you have heard in a while. Nonetheless, these truths can indeed make you free if you put them to work.

Victory Bassey

I help individuals earn a life beyond just earning a living. I am the author of ‘You Are Not A failure‘ and initiator of ‘Come Alive‘, a mentoring program. I am also the founder and host of ‘The Legacy‘

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