Whatever you cannot control controls you. The need for you to control your thoughts is as important as life itself because thoughts create your future.

Before I dive right into the steps, I hope my poem you are about to read will inspire and make much meaning to you. It is titled ‘Companion with benefits

I woke up to one of the greatest surprises of my life
It wasn’t the death of a loved one or the rebirth of a dead one
It wasn’t the happenings of a bad day or the anxiety of a good day
It was simply the surprise of life in a form I never imagined

It eats out my heart
to see you lost in the world of your thoughts
not because it hurts
but because it cost

Thoughts aren’t just what you think, they are your living companions
They breathe, they move and they grow
They dwell in our minds
And work in our hearts

They sing the melody of ‘words’
And play the instruments of speech
They get married to our being
And ‘action’ is the fruit of her womb

In the splendour of her home, she lives with pride
Radiant and welcoming, she incites your heart
In your reaction spurred by her ‘habits’
She forms your character

Your little admiration beyond first sight
has taught you lessons beyond books
here you are in destiny
Shaped by your thoughts

… thoughts become your words, words become your actions. Actions become habits, habits become character and your character decides your destiny. This is a fact which may be debated on but I believe it is true.

To control your thoughts, these are steps you should take;

1. Invest in your time rightly:

When you are idle you think more than when you are busy. However, if you are busy (spending your time) doing things with no positive benefit, you will be doing yourself more harm than good.

This is because the activities you involve yourself in, extend to your mind and memory. So friend, the question is, what do you spend your time doing? If you cannot control your activities and your time, you will have a hard time controlling your thoughts.

2. Plan:

The human mind has the capacity to reflect over things that have been planned out. To direct your mind to think right thoughts, you have to learn to plan your life, your goals, your day and your activities.

As a matter of fact, you need to always plan all you do. If you fail to plan, your mind wanders like a ship sailing without a sailor. When this is the case your mind finds itself, it will present to you thoughts of different kinds. Those you will be glad to have and others you will pray you never considered.

Plan, plan and plan again. Everything worth doing is worth planning because it creates what your sub-conscious mind ponders over which reflects in your thoughts.

3. What do you give your ear-time to?

This article will be incomplete if I fail to mention that what you listen to and who you listen to plays an important role in creating what kind of thoughts you have.

To control your thoughts, you have check yourself on daily basis and eliminate every wrong source of knowledge or counsel.

Who you listen to and what you listen to will choose your thoughts and just as I stated in my poem earlier, your thoughts create your reality, your future, your destiny.

What kind of reality, future and destiny will you love to have? Your intentions are not enough to give you your desired reality. You have to check what and to whom you give your ear-time!

4. Keep the right association:

An aged-old truthful saying goes, ‘evil communication corrupts good manners’. Who are your friends?

The era of the saying ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’ is by-gone. Now it is more rightly said, ‘Show me your friends and I will tell you your future.

The people you surround yourself with influence how you think and what you think about. Their words, their actions, their beliefs and all they do will continue to influence you as long as you maintain your relationship with them. If they stand on wrong believes and make irrational decisions, you will not be left out.

Whether good or bad, your friends are a great influence to you. Watch your association and you will have more control on your thoughts. Remember, the people who surround you influence how you think and what you think about.

5. Work:

Well, I grew up hearing the phrase, ‘an idle man is the devils’ workshop.’ I smile at the statement now but I had always frowned about it years back. This is because now I see an element of truth in it.

When you are idle, thoughts flood your mind as quick as the passing of a wind. The solution is, get busy.

Do not only keep your hands busy with worthy work but also immense yourself in the work that you do. So that when it is time to rest, your mind will have something worth pondering over. This is why it is important to love the work you do not minding if you are a student, an entrepreneur, a civil or public servant.

6. Watch what you watch:

As humans, we remember more what we see than what we hear. And what we see and hear gives birth to the type of thoughts we have.

There are thoughts that will arouse you and lead you to evil or harm. But if you desire to have a better life, you need to choose better thoughts and you can do so by learning to control the things you watch.

You can begin from carefully selecting the kind of movies you watch and the places you visit.

Your heart, mind and attention is focused on what you look at.

The eyes, ears and nose are all entrances to the mind and this applies to each and every one of us. If you carefully control what you allow through these doors, you will be at an advantaged position to control your thoughts.

7. Pray:

If your thoughts aren’t making your life any better because of some form of addiction you are struggling with, the six (6) steps above will only take you far enough for some days, weeks or months.

But if you honour your life with all seriousness and are determined to think only thoughts that will help you soar in all your endeavours as a youth, a student, a parent, an entrepreneur or an employee.

Praying is an inevitable commitment you ought to practice daily.

Prayer gives you access to divine power, strength and direction you need to navigate your thoughts through the right portals necessary to help you springboard to greater heights.

Prayer to God has and still works for me. It is refreshing, strengthening and directing. Try it more immensely and consistently if you ever need to find your way.

Benefits of Controlling Your Thoughts

I had earlier mentioned but it is worth stating again that thoughts create your future. Thoughts are pregnant of the future and how you nurture that pregnancy determines the child she bears for you.

Interestingly, thoughts do not only create the future, they also bear the scars of the past.

In life, overcoming the distressing sight of your scars over the years is just half of the war you have to win. The other half is getting your thoughts right by nurturing the pregnancy it has of your future.

Frank outlaw puts it this way;

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny”

To live, you have to breathe. To breathe, you have to act. But to act you first have to think. Are you in control of your thoughts?

Victory Bassey

I help individuals earn a life beyond just earning a living. I am the author of ‘You Are Not A failure‘ and initiator of ‘Come Alive‘, a mentoring program. I am also the founder and host of ‘The Legacy‘

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