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Hi, I’m Victory Bassey, a consultant, author and microbiologist. On this blog, I share my thoughts on creativity, living life to the fullest, and finding completeness and fulfillment.


Here is my worry: when you were at the age of 5, you were using about 80% of your creativity. You believed you could achieve anything and travel to any place. Today, I wonder how much of your creative self is still alive.

Opportunities abound in the world but only to those who know the worth of their giftedness. Whatever your creative ability is, my goal is to help you maximally express it.

If you don’t know your inner potential and strength and as a result struggle to understand how to navigate through life, I will help you gain clarity.

Your creative ability is what I love to call your ‘inner beauty, potential and power.’ Of a truth we all have something really special to share with the world.

If you often feel an inner pull to search for more in life, this is the place for you.

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Who is Victory Bassey?

I wasn’t always an extrovert and I don’t think I am one today but at age 17, I needed a job. I didn’t need a job just to earn some money. I had just finished secondary school and wasn’t comfortable waking up, having breakfast, going back to bed, waking up again, having lunch, returning to bed and the cycle continues.

I had an inner pulling to do something worth the gift of every new day.

Not many people know this, but I almost ran from home several times. I was tired of everything, I mean everything. The streets weren’t so safe and though my frustration pushed me to run off, my fear kept me indoors.

On one occasion as I cried through the night, I kept asking as though talking to someone listening, “Why was I even born?” That may seem like a foolish question for a 14 year old to ask but I asked and cried nonetheless.

That question led to my quest for meaning in life. Today, I haven’t arrived at my conceived state of completeness but I am glad to tell you I go to bed fulfilled almost daily.

Everyday is a gift with 86,400 seconds at our discretion to use as we please. Who you desire to be if at all you have a picture of a hopeful tomorrow, is dependent on how fulfilled you choose to be daily.

It has taken me over two decades to find my inner beauty, my potential and gifting. Understandably, I am the same person I was years ago when I asked that question that began my quest. The difference is, I followed on to find meaning in life, purpose, completeness and fulfillment.  I unravel my true self daily.

I am a Consultant, a Microbiologist, an author and a speaker. I am the author of ‘You Are Not A failure‘ and initiator of ‘Come Alive‘, a mentoring program. I am also the founder and host of ‘The Legacy‘ an On Air Program on radio.

You sure bet, I love helping others find meaning, live life to the fullest and be fulfilled.

Thriving beyond just activities, making everyday count, living creative, earning a life beyond just earning a living, finding fulfillment and completeness is what thrills me and to help you accomplish same is my utmost desire.

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