The worries that perturb our heart day after day, moment after moment keeps us at cross fingers as we wonder in deep thoughts, will we ever come out of this?

We have seen our society sadly deteriorate in safety, unity and goodwill initiative. Many families are in crisis. The struggle around us is fierce and even within the sad tale is the same.

Everything we set our eyes on looks dysfunctional, everything we are part of feels dysfunctional. Time and time again we get to that point we begin to feel even our very selves are a misfit for life.

The burden we bear appears in ghost form as only we the burden barriers see and feel the pain, the struggle, the abuse, the discrimination we have to face.

In the midst of all these, deep within us in our most lonely and quiet moments we cannot deny we hear whispers of hope.

We find it hard to accept the whispers of hope we hear inside of us because what we see and what we experience is not the same as what our whispers suggest to us.

Letters of Scraps is a place to find relieve. We admit that we are living in a dysfunctional society.

Though you may not at the moment be where you want to be, doing what you deeply wished to be doing, you should not let a dysfunctional world make you a dysfunctional person.

Letters of Scraps isn’t a place to just read of hope, we are here to help you live again.

Life isn’t perfect and neither of us are. We have all shared in some sort of brokenness but have found the courage to not only survive but also to thrive.

Take a breath.

Shake off the dust clinging to you, your past and your present.

You can live again.

Meet the Team

Victory Bassey
Victory Bassey
Co-founder & Chief Editor

Victory is a trained Microbiologist but a creative stretching the horizons of writing & public speaking. His values are birth from his passion to help others live a better fulfilling life.

Grace Ali
Grace Ali
Co-founder & Contributor

Grace is a spoken-word and music artist at heart. A sociologist with a knack for poetry. Though sometimes reserved, she is a delightful fellow.

Kaun Anemba
Kaun Anemba
Editor & Contributor

Kaun is an experienced educator, a creative and a poet. He is a down-to-earth, lovable fellow and a youth advocate for excellence.

Bolanle Magaji
Bolanle Magaji

Bola is a trained economist with a flair for baking, writing and acting. Her story is that of a silent conqueror and now an agent of positive influence.

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