The most fragile state to be in life is when you are comfortable. This does not mean being comfortable is evil but it does mean that comfort comes at a prize.

The prize of comfort is the pain of how much you are ready to let go for what you really need to have and accomplish.

There are four areas of life you need to challenge in order to find maximum fulfillment. Comfort and fulfilment are very similar but they are not the same.

They aren’t spell the same way neither do they mean the same thing. Comfort is being at ease but fulfilment is realizing your goals and attaining success.

Comfort is being at ease but fulfilment is realizing your goals and attaining success. Click To Tweet

People who are only comfortable but not in pursuit of fulfillment will end up living a mediocre life and having average results. On the other hand, if you pursue fulfillment, you may not be comfortable at first but you will be rewarded with ease at the end.

My journey in pursuit of fulfillment has taken me through turns, many of which I had no ease, no comfort. However, it resulted in shaping me to be able to meet the demand of a more tasking tomorrow.

The problem of being comfortable

The problem we have is we trade temporal pain of discipline for permanent pain of regret. This is how it works, you will experience pain. Gladly, it is in your power to choose what kind of pain will be bear.

I can assure you that the pain of discipline to commit to your goals and your life dreams isn’t comfortable at all. There may be no comfort but there sure is fulfillment that rewards you with comfort if you persist till in the end.

To find fulfillment plus comfort, these are four areas you must challenge:

  1. Challenge your perceptions

    The things you do, the things you say and how you handle challenges tell others about how you think. Your perceptions are about how you interpret what you see.

    Until you challenge your perceptions, you will not find room to grow your thoughts, your opportunities and your possibilities.

    There is no success you can accomplish until you begin to understand how to think the right way and how to rightly interpret what you see (your experiences).

    Your perception of the world, of others, of business and creativity determines your actions and your life. Invariably, it chooses your life for you.

    Having comfort alone is fragile. To have fulfillment plus comfort, you have to challenge your perceptions.

  2. Challenge your ability

    Only a fool congratulates himself and goes to sleep. No matter the level of success you have had you must always recharge yourself by developing your skills.

    If there is anything that quickly becomes outdated is what you could do yesterday. No one is interested in what you could do last week or last month. Business owners, fortune 500 companies and investors are interested in what you can do today and the problem you can solve tomorrow.

    Challenge your ability daily by blocking out time to practice so as to become better in your skills than you were in the last one hour.

    If you sleep an average of seven hours a day, what do you do with the remaining 17 hours? You have enough time to plan your success, but it is also enough time to welcome failure.

    Challenge your ability daily. Refuse to only be comfortable, trade that ease for work so you can be fulfilled. Find fulfillment first and you will find lasting comfort.

  3. Challenge your character

    You are applauded for what you achieve but you are respected and remembered by how you acted.

    You are applauded for what you achieve but you are respected and remembered by how you acted. Click To Tweet

    People who influence the world today are not just entrepreneurs and creative. They are also mannered people. I cannot boldly say hundred percent of world influencers today live up to this fact but I can attest that character has had a vital role to play in who they have become.

    Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., a United States Army General noted, “Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.”

    Business Magnate, Investor and Philanthropist Warren Buffet says “If you get to my age in life and nobody thinks well of you, I don’t care how big your bank account is, your life is a disaster.”

    If there are character flaws you have that are impeding your success and chances to connect with the right people, I strongly advice you address it sooner than later.

    Relationships are the network with which you can partner with others and realize your goals. When you do not accomplish your goals, you will not be fulfilled.

    Your fulfillment is tied to your commitment to make goals and accomplish them. However, you cannot do these alone. You need support, mentoring, sponsorship and deeper connections with people.

    If your character is flawed, you have so much to amend. Challenge your character and imbibe what successful know. Without character you may have money, followers and possessions but you will not have fulfillment because fulfillment demands you have a working relationship with others.

  4. Challenge your goals

    If your goals do not frighten and challenge you, what you have are not goals. They are mere activities on your to-do list. Your goals determine your schedule and your priorities.

    Your goals will always present themselves impossible without you stretching to accomplish them. When you stretch there is no ease or comfort but it can lead you to fulfillment. Do not only think about your goals but also know how to set effective goals.

    The prize of comfort is the pain of how much you are ready to let go for what you really need to have and accomplish. Click To Tweet

Comfort is truly never enough to have a great life. Find fulfillment, challenge your perceptions, your ability, your character and your goals.

You may not be comfortable at first in your pursuit but you will eventually find fulfilment that brings comfort not of ease but of completeness.

These are virtues no one can purchase with money. You have to do the work.

Victory Bassey

I help individuals earn a life beyond just earning a living. I am the author of ‘You Are Not A failure‘ and initiator of ‘Come Alive‘, a mentoring program. I am also the founder and host of ‘The Legacy‘

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