7 Ways to Control Your Thoughts

Whatever you cannot control controls you. The need for you to control your thoughts is as important as life itself because thoughts create your future. Thoughts become your words, words become your actions. Actions become habits, habits become character and your character decides your destiny. This is a fact which may be debated on but I believe it is true.

To control your thoughts, these are steps you should take…

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Death-fall – A Letter

To lose ones’ self to circumstances is understandable because life has a way of pushing us to the wall. And when we cannot fight back or hold on any longer, we give in to our challenges and answer the call of fate. This alone is enough tragedy that breaks my heart.

If that was all there is, a little light of hope would have quenched the darkness of struggle, pain, hurt and sorrow. But just when we are becoming thankful that we’re on our feet again, a stranger comes knocking and takes from us a gift it never returns….

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Should I or Should I Not Forgive?

A first century young Jewish teacher was asked this question; “… how often should I forgive someone who offends me?”

The teacher’s response began with a statement and then a story. It took more than telling to clearly illustrate and explain the point at which forgiveness can be offered.

Haven’t we all had that inner struggle and search in an attempt to know what is forgivable?

We have asked questions like, when is the right time to forgive? Are all wrongs and hurts worth forgiving?
Even when we sum up the courage to forgive we still struggle with forgetting. Is it really possible to forgive and forget? (click the image to continue reading)

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