Think of the many inventions, books, songs, works of art and great accomplishments others in the past have left you. Their treasures have become your blessings but are your treasures set to be blessings for the coming generation?

Your children, your children’s children depend on you today, right now to create a lasting legacy for them. The 22nd century generation is anticipating history with you being a model just like you anticipated that of the 20th century.

I cannot guarantee your commitment to leave a remarkable inheritance for the coming generation and that is why I wrote the letter below to them. But I sincerely hope you will disappoint my expectations as stated in the letter.


A Letter to the Next Generation

Hello Dear,

I wish I would start with all the pleasantries, but my heart is too heavy and my pen too faint to put up a show of soothing words. I believe it is of great importance to prepare your mind so that you will not faint at heart when you finally arrive here. The truth is we are not prepared for your coming.

Too many of us hope you will delay a bit in coming but time is an unbeatable enemy. We wake up when we feel like and go to bed when it seems dark. We lose our motivation easily and the thought of the future only brings fear than it brings hope.

I sincerely wish I could exempt myself from this depressing situation we are in, in the 21st century. But the struggle of many others cast a shadow on the efforts of few of us who deny self-gratification for your sake.

Precious ones of the 22nd century, as you keep your feet warm to touch earth, please do not come with any expectation. We are struggling to fix ourselves and I am still wondering how long it will take before we fix the society and the future for you.

My heart sinks deeper in depression, my hand aches as I write this letter but my knees will stay strong in prayer believing that there will be a change.

I wouldn’t ask that you pray for us because it is our responsibility to do same for you. But this one thing I ask, please bridge the gap we leave open. Make the difference we only talked about. Stand tall in difficult times and forgive our weaknesses and negligence.

Stay strong in adversity, stay sharp in potential and be focused in purpose. You are the hope where we have failed. Until we meet in person, I am concerned fellow from the 21st century generation. Love us all the same because somehow and in some way, we still care.

Victory Bassey

Make a resolve!

To you my dear colleague in this century, I wonder the hundreds, thousands or millions of people born or yet to be born who will suffer in anguish seeking for hope and an affirmation of believe but will find none because you left nothing behind.

The coming generation depends on you. And I believe potential lies inside of you waiting to be unleashed.

Isn’t it fascinating that there are parts of us (abilities, strengths even weaknesses) that we only discover when we are faced with a difficulty? These are not the days to wait for adversity before you put up your shield of faith, strength, hope and perseverance.

Begin today what you should have done months, and years back. It is never too late if you start now!

Have you written the books you were supposed to write? What about the songs we haven’t heard because you failed to compose them?

The business you let fear stop you from starting, the poetry you neglected to write or the painting you have locked up in your imagination. All of these have their place in the world. But even more precious, they have their place in the hearts of individuals.

Martin Luther King shared his words of hope and believe when he said

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.…’

His words left an imprint in history and till today, it stays fresh in our hearts.

Though Martin Luther King never lived to see his hopes, desire and prayer become a reality, he remained bold through the adversity.  His courage in significant ways gave others the fortitude to dream and also to believe. Friend, what is your dream? Are you shining the light of hope by standing tall and strong in the storms of life?

Hope is something you offer to the next generation. And that is what life is truly about.

Life isn’t about having all the big things you can think of. Little things like hope are big things that make a great difference.

What have you left inside of you unexpressed? The coming generation truly depends on you, please do not let them down!

Be true to yourself, be true to the creator and be true to your generation. You are needed.



Victory Bassey

I help individuals earn a life beyond just earning a living. I am the author of ‘You Are Not A failure‘ and initiator of ‘Come Alive‘, a mentoring program. I am also the founder and host of ‘The Legacy‘

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