You will never experience a changed and transformed life if you do not position yourself to grow in every aspect of your life. Below are four action steps you can take to grow and flourish in all you do.

1. Awareness

No doctor can accept to cure a disease that he has no knowledge about. You have to be aware of your current situation and determine whether you want to remain there or shift. When you have taken note of where you are now, you have to now change from the choices that brought you to that point.

It is only a mad man that does the same thing and expects a different result. Examine your life everyday and ensure that you are still on the track. The worst people in life are those who do not know and don’t know that they do not know (ignorance).

Know who you are?
Know where you are now?
And set a plan for where you want to be.

2. Action

After awareness what next? Set a goal on how to move from where you are now to where you want to be.

You must take action and make move towards the things you want for an opportunity. You have to go get it.

The proof of a desired change is action. If you want to fly first be aware that you have wings, secondly spread those wings. Even the wave will help you sustain your flight when you have taken off.

What action have you decided to take towards that dream you want to have? Do you think life will give just what you desired?

3. Accountability

If you want to remain accountable you have to tell someone your dream. Do not tell your dreams just to anyone but to an individual you can confide in. One who can tell you the truth without reservations, encourage you and push you in discipline till your dreams become a reality.

Be accountable to your dreams and visions. Write it down, talk to someone about it. These will always make you to stay on the path.

Knowing that you have told people about the things you want to do will make you remain conscious about fulfilling it. If you become aware of the steps you must take to do what you want to do, take action and become accountable for following through.

With time, you will begin to produce the behaviour you desire and you will start getting closer to doing what you want to do.

4. Attraction

Why is it that rich people and successful people move along together? I believe it is because there is a massive attraction between them.

Life is like that, the moment you begin to pursue your dream you will see people of like minds around you. Then your speed will be multiplied cause you have people who also sharpen you (iron sharpeneth iron).

When you’re passionate and you’re taking action in line to fulfill your set goals, you will begin to build a community of like-minded people who can help one another succeed.

Don’t seek for a particular kind of friendship. All you need to do is to become that kind of person and naturally you will find yourself in their midst.

So am leaving you with these questions?

1) Where do you want to be in future?

2) Are you aware of where you are now?

3) How ready are you to shift?

4) What are your accountable steps to getting there?

5) What kind of people do you have around you?

You want success, go get it!

Magaji Bolanle

Bola is a trained economist with a flair for baking, writing and acting. Her story is that of a silent conqueror and now an agent of positive influence.

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