The principle of increase is this, ‘start with what you have where you are. It doesn’t get any simpler.’ If you take an inventory of the things you have with which you can begin your journey to a more fulfilling life, you will discover you already have enough to start with.

The purpose of this post is to help you discover what you have, to refocus on what matters and to help you gain increase in this season of your life.

Let us begin with this;

  1. You have life

    Isn’t it obvious that you have to be alive to be reading this? The first gift you have and should appreciate is that of life. Every great deed is achieved first by being alive. The number of people who commit suicide daily is disturbing.

    I hold it strong at heart and tell everyone that ‘suicide isn’t when you stop breathing but when you stop living though you might still be breathing.’ If you quit on yourself and your creative potential, you have chosen death over the courage to live and make a difference.

    As a need to remind you, nothing great was ever achieved without a struggle at one phase or another. It will be of more benefit to you if stay ready to face challenges and sum up the strength to always outlive your struggles, because only then will you find increase.

    Increase in leaps and bounds by recognizing being alive is a great start for you.

    Suicide isn’t when you stop breathing but when you stop living though you might still be breathing Click To Tweet

  2. You have time

    For every twenty four hours, there are 86,400 seconds. 1440 minutes every day is a life time of an opportunity to not only find your footing in the world but to influence the world and experience increase.

    Great steps are taken in time, rewarded over time and planned with time. You can only go as far as you plan your next one minute.

    Great steps are taken in time, rewarded over time and planned with time. You can only go as far as you plan your next one minute. Click To Tweet

    We complain about so many things that have stopped us from finding the level of success we desire. However we fail to remind ourselves that though we lack so much, we have much more than the things we lack.

    You may lack finance to launch your dream project but you do not lack the time to plan, to pray and to make it a reality.

    The problem we have isn’t lack of necessities but a misuse of the necessities we have. How do you use your time?

    Time is a gift we all have but it isn’t a reward we all get. The reward of time is only offered to those who effectively use every second to achieve a bigger dream and goal.

    Time is a gift we all have but it isn’t a reward we all get. Click To Tweet

    If at this point, you still haven’t found what your life is about; your purpose and calling? I will strongly advise that you devout the first three and last three hours of your day to brooding over what matters to you in life. Do this till you confident you have found your purpose.

    The words of Francis Chan stays strong in my heart as I type this letter to you. He says, “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter”

  3. You have hope

    You may argue that you lack hope but I will only affirm that what you have is a weak hope. The reason you think of giving up when everything around you gets unbearable is because you are quick to forget the value of what you are gifted with daily.

    This letter is not meant to offend but I write to help you find a way out of life’s clutter and the noise that deafens your heart from hearing the call of hope.

    It is dangerous to live without hope. As you are alive, you ought to live with hope day after day. If you let your hope grow weak, your potential follows suite.

    Doesn’t it amaze you that many talented people have achieved very little compared to what they are capable of achieving? The reason is, the fear of failure and the fear of achieving below expectation keeps them in their shell and swallows every atom of hope they might have nursed earlier.

    Not minding how talented you are, to increase financial and in every other pivotal area of your life, you must add to your talent, persistence, knowledge, focus and courage. Give strength to your hope and your skills will find the air to breath and gain expression. Thereafter you will find fulfillment only few attest of.

  4. You have You!

    As our faces are different, so are the pressures we face. As your fingers look different though are of the same hand, so are we all.

    We are humans but we are different. We are male and females but we are unique, not only by physique but also by potential and gifts. We may have same gifts but we were never designed to express it the same way.

    So many things make us alike but we are still different. You are you and no matter how hard anyone may try, your unique can only be mimicked but not replicated.

    When you begin to realize that there is something valuable you bring to world, your self-esteem increases. It is important for you to know that there is a direct connection between how you feel about yourself and how expressive your gifts and skills become.

    Individuals, organizations and companies reward skill, talent, gifts, tenacity and excellence. But it is interesting to know that none of that exist without you. The person that exudes the virtues top organizations search for is more important than the virtues themselves.

    Next time you are in doubt of how to increase in whatever it is you do, remember you have ‘you.’ Boost your inner confidence then your personality that produces your unique virtues will shine always.

  5. You have Potential

    It is almost becoming an anthem people know me by to say “You have potential.” There are many ways I can rephrase what that means.

    I could say you have ability, skill and talent. More recently I love to call that trio inner beauty. Your ability, skill and potential gives you inner beauty.

    You may not have realized it just yet but many opportunities you have had in the course of your life has been a result of your inner beauty than of your outer beauty.

    Our present society pays attention to outer beauty but true leaders and employees seek people with inner beauty.Your potential sums the things you have already that you never had to buy. These things are what can help you gain increase long before you begin to worry about what you lack.

    If you pay more attention to the things you have, you will discover that you have enough already to embark on your journey to greater accomplishments.

It does no one any good if you play small to life and to your dreams. Click To Tweet

It does no one any good if you play small to life and to your dreams. In the end you will loose and would have caused the world more pain because you failed in fulfilling your responsibility to add value to mankind.

Resolve today to increase starting with what you have where you are. If you do so, what you are yet to get will find a route to you. You have enough already even today!

Victory Bassey

I help individuals earn a life beyond just earning a living. I am the author of ‘You Are Not A failure‘ and initiator of ‘Come Alive‘, a mentoring program. I am also the founder and host of ‘The Legacy‘

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