Never again did I know
that I will be this way, 
I thought I had sold out my worries, 
thought that the pressures were gone
but once again
I get trapped in anxiety. 

Fear and worry
eating so deep into me
as the termite on the wood, 

In all you got into me, 
the fears and the worries, 
I became the world
going round and round
but only on a spot

oh the things you do
makes me never want to stop crying
you hit so hard on me
lay me on the bed of misfortune
till I sleep in pieces
yes pieces!

you seized my peace

I had always seen a champion
a success in me
till i permitted you
through the little door of complain,
murmur and doubt

I’ve got your replacement
hope you got that?
I’ve got bravery and trust

There comes a day
when i may almost be anxious
but you no longer
can look me in the face
I am free

Ali Grace

Grace is a spoken-word and music artist at heart. A sociologist with a knack for poetry. Though sometimes reserved, she is a delightful fellow.

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