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You made me sick
Cried day and night
Not because I miss you
but because I let you in my heart I hadn’t guided so much
and now I feel sorry I did

You leave a vacuum in my precious heart
I get stucked in my little world, my thoughts
how I wasted so much time on you

In all of this
Experience have proved herself
the teacher who first gives the test
and then the lesson afterwards

In all,
I found one who is love
And in Him, I sure to determined true love
God is love


To write in detail about love will require more than this poem is meant for. However, I am leaving the floor open for you to raise your concerns, thoughts and perceptions about the issue of love.

For today my message is simple, I learnt love from God because He perfectly showed me true love in ways I cannot clearly explain in words.

Dear, I hope you will find the love God gives. It is through Him I found peace and relieve. I am certain you can too.

True love exists though very very few times at first sight but it does exist. I pray you find what your soul needs for every new day.

Ali Grace

Grace is a spoken-word and music artist at heart. A sociologist with a knack for poetry. Though sometimes reserved, she is a delightful fellow.

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