Love At First Sight

“You were as bright as the sun
fair as the lilies
you could take an award for being the most beautiful damsel

You, were without blemish,
Could you be an angel
fallen from above?
I bless the day the heavens brought you fourth

No doubt, you are sent to me
At the sight of you,
my heart beat faster
I could swear our hearts beat as one

Where’s the pastor?
He’s gotta do the joining together
No, this ain’t curiosity
what do i call it even?

I see my kids in your eyes
I just have this strong feeling
that you’re gonna be their mama
I’m no prophet nor seer
Love, rather lust made me see

Minutes turn hours
Hours turn days
Days into months
then you appear
as though a stranger
Your presence so disgusting
that spotless, blemish beauty has become no different from Barry,
my neigbour’s ugly neice

I was not overtaken by love
with my eyes wide open,
I can tell that infatuation took over me
just because I loved at first sight”

Is this really about me?

Haven’t we all had that moment butterflies embark on a parade inside of us? It happens when we see that ‘someone’ who is somewhat irresistible.

Truth is after a long while, sometimes it is just a short while after, our butterflies die a miserable death.

Does love at first sight really exists? That is a topic I am not ready to begin an argument on today. For me the important thing I want to help you realize through my poem and this article is, love and lust are separated by a very thin fence.

Just before you step into another world, the world of “two”, be certain what stirs your butterflies is really love and not lust.

Glasses are fragile and when broken never remain the same. You are of more value than a glass, honour yourself dearest.

I have written a part two of this poem, ‘love at first sight’. Click here to read it.

Ali Grace

Grace is a spoken-word and music artist at heart. A sociologist with a knack for poetry. Though sometimes reserved, she is a delightful fellow.

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