During the war in Mexico in the 1840’s, the American forces came under a fierce bombardment of cannon fire. With cannonballs landing all around, soldiers begged their commander and then future American president General Zachary Taylor to retreat. But General Taylor said “We won’t go back. We will go forward, and the cannonballs will fall behind us.

The last week of 2017 and the first week of 2018 for many was a season of celebration but for people of Benue state it was of mourning and grieve that knows no bound. Many of her indigenes were brutally and inhumanely killed. People who did not deserve to die but answered the call and bore the title ‘late’.

I know you might be wondering what all of this has to do with achieving more. The answer is simple but the true stories I just shared with you, I believe will help you understand better why I had to go through that route to get you to this point, the one step or secret you are reading this post to find.

Validate your experiences

Here is the deal, you will only know the true joy of winning if you have struggled with the grieve and sorrow of failure.

You will only understand the pain of losing a loved one if you have at anytime shared the love of a dear one.

It is an indisputable fact that life presents two sides of a coin in many different situations. I have had to deal with the shame of public failure but I have also tested the delight and honour of public victory.

So here is what I need you think about, what will accomplishing more do for you?

It isn’t enough to know how to accomplish more if you don’t find a genuine reason with which to fight the dragons that spit the fire of fear and failure all in an attempt to stop you from trying to win.

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Do not fail to note that before you will ever record any form of success or victory, you have to first try to win. Your trial efforts should never end else you will never find the joy of success your soul so dearly seeks for.

Deal with it

What is the one big step to accomplishing more I have avoided to mention all this while? Here it is; Live forward.

The incidence at Mexico and that of Benue reminds me of the struggle we face daily to live forward. Here is the picture in clearer terms so you can relate to this;

On the dawn of a new year you lose a loved one matched and left to bleed to death, how would you bear the shock? Or maybe, your spouse who was sent for peacekeeping is announced on national television to be among many that did not make it back alive, how will you bear the loss?

What if it is your child who misses the bus to school and is later declared missing? How about you being relieved of duty at your place of work when all your bills are due for payment?

There are many cases of sad events I can go on and on to mention but that isn’t all I intend to share with you.

What happens next is what I am more worried about.

If you have ever been in a ‘tight place’, you will clearly understand that living forward is a big deal.

Live forward

An author writes his conclusion of the matter this way; “little is accomplished by those who look behind”. I on the other hand lay the words in this manner, “Little is accomplished by those who live behind.”

2018 or any other year depending on when you are reading this is a great year to be all you have ever planned and prayed to be. However, living in the past is not the way you will accomplish that goal of yours.

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The pain of the past is almost as strong as the hope for the future but in the end we are the ones who decide what we will do and how we will live thereafter.

Pain may last for a month, for a year, some for many years and even unto your dying breathe. But I can assure you, if at all you want to make things different even after experiencing tragic situations and having enough reasons to quit on your hopeful goals, just like General Z.T said to his men, I will love to say same to you “We won’t go back. We will go forward, and the cannonballs will fall behind us.”

The pain of the past is almost as strong as the hope for the future but in the end we are the ones who decide what we will do and how we will live thereafter. Click To Tweet

Take that step today

Everything you have been through and that which you are experiencing right now will only find a place to fall behind you if you go a little further from where you are right now.

Our eyes may not see hope in difficult situations. The tougher and more bitter the experience, the less likely our heart will seem to find relieve.

Nevertheless, one step forward is all you need to get going again.

Do not lock up your soul to grieve eternally, earn life today by proving to yourself, to your loved ones and to us all that though life has tried to squeeze joy out of you, you are a winner from within who will live to shine hope for others in their mess and struggle.

Will you take that one step forward today?

Victory Bassey

I help individuals earn a life beyond just earning a living. I am the author of ‘You Are Not A failure‘ and initiator of ‘Come Alive‘, a mentoring program. I am also the founder and host of ‘The Legacy‘

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