When you were at the age of 5, you were using about 80% of your creativity. You believed you could achieve anything and travel to any place. Sadly today, I wonder how much of your creative self is still alive.

Creativity has been relegated to a thing particular to youths or to geniuses only. We have wrongly believed that creativity is significant only to artists, graphic designers or certain kind of professions.

These wrong beliefs have not only stifled our creativity but have boxed us to live only within what we see and forsake the wider possibilities we do not see.

To be creative is to be your true self. To be creative is to release your inner potential, your inner beauty. It should not be surprising to you that we all have a special gift to share with the world but only few of us actually realize our giftedness and eventually share it with the world.

Why does this matter anyway?

You will never realize and live a complete and fulfilling life if you stop trying to give expression to your creativity. I would not be wrong to say, create your reality like your imaginations when you were 5 years of age.

Creativity is rewarded at every level you overcome the feeling of ‘I can’t.’

You can if you just begin. Creativity develops as you give it an opportunity to live.

You have to deliberately decide to express your creative genius without which you will struggle daily with the norms of life, work and academics.

Creativity isn’t just fun, it is also fulfilling. It has helped turn ideas to world leading products and services. Expressing your creativity will help you gain increased self-confidence and it will offer to you an opportunity to influence the world.

Let me warn you ahead of time, 95% of your creative ideas will not make sense to any other person other than yourself. However that does not mean they are invalid. Believe in yourself enough to believe in your creativity.

Nothing great was achieved without a great believe that it was possible. All the support you need to get started in expressing your creativity is you believing in yourself.

How to regain your creativity

You see, creativity is becoming a more misunderstood word by the day. I strongly advocate calling creativity, ‘inner beauty, inner potential and inner power.’

Of course you were more creative when you were much younger. You could imagine anything and argue that it was possible to realize and achieve it. You had so much believe in your creative ability that anyone who didn’t support your believe, you considered such a person an enemy.

Today, your story is different. You accept people’s unbelief of your creative ability as truth. As a matter of fact, you only believe in what you have to offer when someone else validates it.

Will you continue to let your creative, unique ability lie helplessly on the acceptance or rejection you receive from others?

Here are few points to help you regain your creativity,

  1. To regain your creativity, you have to first regain your believe

There are no two ways to start off this journey of being creative and staying creative. You either believe it or you don’t. It is important for you to know that when you start believing that you are creative, automatically everything around you begins to take a different look.

Your perspective begins to change. Your opinions about certain matters become more solution driven. This is the hallmark of a creative mind. Your beliefs create that reality. So let me ask you ‘are you creative?’

If you answered yes, let’s get to point 2 on how to regain your creativity. If you answered no, read point 1 again.

  1. Exercise your mind

Your mind has to be on the treadmill daily. Do not spend your day on conversations that do not add to you. Do not spend your time on television shows that only make you laugh and do not challenge your thinking ability.

I could go on and on to list what you should not be doing daily if you truly desire to regain your creativity. But it will be more beneficial to inform you on what you should do instead because habits are formed not be stopping bad ones but by practicing better ones consistently daily.

So here is what you should be doing to exercise your mind and regain your creativity;

  • Read books written by world changers: How many books by Bill Gates have you read? Have you read any article recently or a book by Warren Buffet? How about one from Anthony Robbins? You do not need to be in their industry to glean from the wealth of wisdom they have.The three names I have just listed are few among many other world changers and thought leaders. Success leaves footprints and you may never find and understand those print except you take the journey with those who are ahead of you.Books are an exciting way to take that journey. Reading a good book is almost as having a conversation with its author. You can’t underestimate its power.
  • Set time apart to think: Do not only let your thoughts wonder, but wonder in your thoughts. Creativity is birth when you remove restrictions from what you can create, innovate and solve in your mind. 5 minutes a day of intentional thinking will save you years of unintentional living.5 minutes a day of intentional thinking will save you years of unintentional living. Click To TweetIf you are asking ‘what should I think about for 5 minutes daily?’ My answer is, ‘think about anything transforming that isn’t so normal yet.’ Find the processes the makes what admire work. Draw an imaginary map of countries you wish to visit someday. I hope these ideas will get you started.
  1. Practice

I am sure you have skills. If you are in doubt, I am certain because your birth is proof you are special. When you practice getting better at your skill or gifting, over time you will begin to find creative ways to do what you do.

Practice doesn’t merely make perfect as you might have heard. Practice births creativity and makes ability permanent.

Practice births creativity and makes ability permanent. Click To Tweet

You don’t need to practice for 5 hours daily seven days a week. If you can, that is phenomenal. However, not many of us have the luxury of time to do what gives us a sense of fulfilment.

Here is my advice, practice for at least 15 minutes every day. If you go at that pace, you will eventually make more progress than practicing for 4 hours once a week. The idea is to be consistent, doing it daily and becoming better.

If I were to add a 4th point, it will be ‘practice again and again.’ Whatever your creative ability is, give yourself the permission to improve even from level zero (0).

All professionals today were once amateurs. It isn’t too late for you to start if regaining your creativity means so much to you.

The level of your success and how it affects your loved ones depends on how creative you choose to be. Creativity isn’t a matter of luck, it is a decision and an art you can express if you believe you possess it.

You have something really special to share with the world. Can we trust you to deliver before your dying breath?

Victory Bassey

I help individuals earn a life beyond just earning a living. I am the author of ‘You Are Not A failure‘ and initiator of ‘Come Alive‘, a mentoring program. I am also the founder and host of ‘The Legacy‘

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