Do you remember the nursery rhyme that goes this way?

“Tick Says the Clock
Tick Tick
What you have to do
Do quick”

Well, that holds a depth of truth to recount on.

For every New Year, new resolutions are made. For every new month few individuals make new resolutions and set new goals. For every new day, only a few, quite a fewer number of individuals make new resolutions and commit to fulfilling their resolutions.

In every aspect of your life, time is always of the essence and how you handle time will greatly determine the results you will get out of your activities and life any day, anytime.

Just as everyone else, all you have for each day is 24 hours, do you make the best of it? Right now, are you making the best of it? Time passes away as a fleeting wind, you alone can make the choice to make it rewarding or regrettable.

“Sands of Time and Grime” is one of my many poems. I could go on to explain what it speaks of but I will rather let you read and get its message.


By the time you’ve read this poem
It’ll be past the time
Past the time for…

The pendulum swings
As the hands of the clock spins
Round about; not going any where
But you see that’s the problem
The illusion of there’s still time since the hands of time haven’t jumped off the face of the clock and walked away;
It’s still here

Truth be told, time walked away the minute you started reading this.
The minute you chose to lie down to sleep, you murdered time.
The moment you put your legs up to get a quick shut eye,
You drove a spike into the eye.

The Sands of Time broke its glass and seeped through my fingers even as I froze time with the ……no matter, there’s still time.
I look back and see how many murders I had committed
Serial murderer I am
A killer of thought, dreams and vision; plans forfeited.

I am incarcerated but yet I’m free to continue with my hobby  …kill the bloody time
No courts can try me, a free pass of in and out of jail.
I am a wanderer of sorts
A harbinger of lost hope
A clouder of germinating seed
Asphyxiation bag of soothing death….

Today someone saw my ‘what you would have been if’,
What inventions you would have achieved if only,
What beacon in the dark stormy day you would have illuminated a million if only if….
What spouse I would have won….

I know you feel my lost years of …..’i had thought about this some years ago’
Chai…. If only I had…..

Well, you are here
…Make this time right here count.

Are you guilty?

We are a result of every bleeding second that passes. What essence have you made of life?

Strive to make every moment count and express your inner beauty because tomorrow? It isn’t promised to you just yet. Though it may come, it will also be gone like a fleeting wind.

Rise to the challenge of life, academics, your job, your kids and family and shine forth great warrior (that is you)!



Kaun Anemba

Kaun is an experienced educator, a creative and a poet. He is a down-to-earth, lovable fellow and a youth advocate for excellence.

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