It is inconsiderate and somewhat offensive to the pain of a hurting person to tell him or her “do-not-quit”. Contrary to popular believe I consider it okay to quit sometimes.

This post is not one of the many posts on the internet that tell you “do-not-quit”. However, if you are part of the group that have had it ‘too-much’ in life and you have been thinking about throwing in the towel, this post is for you because I share the last thing you might want to consider and attend to just before you quit.

When I put on my mobile data to read happenings in the country, my enthusiasm vanishes in split of seconds. My desire to know the affairs of my nation lands me in a mire of despair and deep worry.

This has not been a single day affair, it is now the norm. Every time I encounter this, I close the web pages with a question stamped on my heart, ‘can’t we read anything good at all in this nation?’

As days pass and as I listen to events happening all over the world, it seems to affirm my worry that there is more bad news than there is good.

This is in no way a perfect comparison of what we face in life. Of course, as our faces are different, so are the pressures and challenges we face. My pain may not be your pain and your uplifting may not be mine, nonetheless we both hope anticipating that things will get better in our personal lives.

For long, I have bore the thought that the state of any nation is simply a reflection of the state of its citizens. This brings me to the point where I am concerned. We pray, work, hope and wait for good but more often than not what we receive is misfortune.


Misfortune exposes our strengths but shames our weakness. This is why I stand by the opinion that it is okay to quit. And if you are one of the segregated people who are sincere to admit ‘I can’t go on like this…’ ‘I have lost my strength, hope and dreams’. I am here to congratulate you.

I am not congratulating you because you are considering giving or have given up already but because you are living in total sincerity. It is such a rare virtue in our society today.

Just before you quit

Your tears, pain and struggle are all prove that you have been through a war. The fiercest war is not the one the world experienced in 1914 through 1918 (World War I). It is neither the death tolls that arose from World War II in 1939 through 1945.

The civil war in Nigeria that happened between 1967 and 1970 had its sad tales. But of all these, none is recurring, destructive and fatal like the war that goes on inside of us every blessed day.

You can go on to curse the day(s) that birth the beginning of your struggle, sorrow and pain, the day(s) you felt your dream fall to hard ground in pieces beyond repair. But dear friend, that hasn’t brought relief to you nor to your loved ones neither to anyone at all.

The struggle continues and by all view, you may have reached the end of the road.

The road to your future, dreams and hopes that once appeared in gold apparel calling you to greatness seems now as a thin vapour. Well, it may seem like the end of the road for you but I can see new horizons and I am certain you have not gotten to your end yet.

Before you quit, hope!

This is not about offering yourself a gift of positive thinking. It is about quitting the right way.

How to quit the right way

Hope has been defined in so many ways but I want you to take its meaning to be ‘quit-right!’’. Everybody quits at some point in their life but not so many wilfully admit it.

For you to understand how to ‘quit-right’, you first have to change your thinking about what quitting means to you. For the rest of the world, quitting means giving up, not trying anymore, losing faith and holding fate. But for you, quitting should mean looking for a change with the eyes of hope. This is less about effort and more about having hope with an understanding.

When I close my web browser and walk away with a heavy heart after reading sad stories that make headlines everyday especially in Nigeria, I do not forget to keep hope with me, safe at heart.

Situations might get more difficult and seemingly impossible to change, but my hope emanates from these;

I put my trust in the creator and
I am agent of change.

Though I may not be able to change the world, talk little of Nigeria. I can change myself, my thinking, my beliefs, my reaction to challenges and this will influence my behaviour and attitude first towards myself and then to others.

Not so many may join my wagon but I am certain few will and that is just enough to change one child, one teen, one youth, one family, one community, one state, one country and yes even other nations. That is the power of one.

To hope and to quit the right, it begins with you.

What perceptions do you have about yourself? Do you think you have too many wrongs that you can’t be right anymore? Do you store up the word ‘impossible’ in your heart?

In whom do you rely on? (In yourself? Or in your creator?)
Where do you put your trust? (In your efforts or in the creator’s love?)
How do you hope? (By what you’ve done and what you cannot do or by what is possible?)
Are you an agent of change?

How can you change yourself you may ask when you have been hurt, abused, disappointed, hated and criticized? Have you lost your job, been sent out of school, lacking parental care? The worries abound but the good news is, you can live, soar and shine.

It begins with you and in you having hope.

Osaye Lasisi, author of ‘Impossible is stupid’ won my heart with this quote;

“Quitting is not giving up, it’s choosing to focus your attention on something more important. Quitting is not losing confidence, it’s realizing that there are more valuable ways you can spend your time. Quitting is not making excuses, it’s learning to be more productive, efficient and effective instead. Quitting is letting go of things (or people) that are sucking the life out of you so you can do more things that will bring you strength.”

The Resolve

Again I want to affirm, “It is okay to quit but you have to quit right. And just before you quit, hope!”

Friend, do not lose your shine!


Victory Bassey

I help individuals earn a life beyond just earning a living. I am the author of ‘You Are Not A failure‘ and initiator of ‘Come Alive‘, a mentoring program. I am also the founder and host of ‘The Legacy‘

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