Why should we progress if it attracts more challenges? Why do we fight to survive and to live if there is no greater purpose?

From the beginning of time to our present day, life has truly been less about us and more about others.

If for a while you have lived a self-centered life, you will agree that very often you face deep emptiness that acquiring more cannot fill.

Life and success has never been about acquiring more money, having the perfect job, living in a nice home and/or having more friends or accomplishments. All these are very important marks in a person’s life but your life and success is more about how well your story inspires others.

You have had your share of ups and downs and you have also had your share of victory and losses I believe. All these are a part of your life, a part of your story, a part of your purpose and a part of your message.

On various occasions I have had people come to me and say, “I like the way you handled this situation and that situation. I like the way you do ‘this’ and ‘that’.”

The truth is, the first few times I got such reports it baffled me because I never considered that the things I did in my own little way could mean so much to someone else I have had little to no contact with.

Someone somewhere was watching and taking my life as a model for theirs.

Isn’t it worth noting that even the things we fail to do become a standard by which someone chooses to live by?

In the same vein, no matter how insignificant you think you are in public, the little things you do and those you have disciplined yourself against are life lessons for someone somewhere watching your every move.

Your life is someone else’s guide, your life is someone else’s reference.

This may be difficult for you to believe, I too once never thought about it but today my experiences and conversations with people has taught me otherwise.

Your life is truly a message to others and to the world.

O let me quickly remind you, this is the purpose your struggle serves.

Think about this, if you realize that someone is out there learning from you, when you are faced with a setback, will you just give up? When you face a struggle will you just quit?

When you child returns from school with disturbing grades, will you only discipline and not encourage? If your spouse fails at a duty, do you hold on to it for a lifetime?

I know few times we have persisted against all odds because someone (a younger sibling or a friend) was watching and we did not want to let them down. We did not want to depress them with our struggle, the depression we faced!

I have had that feeling and drive too.

You my friend have to build this consciousness that your life isn’t private. You may like to believe it or not but someone is actually watching and please do not let them down.

What Is Ahead!

Your struggle isn’t just for others it also serves in preparing you for what is ahead.

Take a careful look at the experiences you have had in the last five years. Who you are today is the result of what you faced and how you reacted towards what you faced.

Life happens in phases, seasons come and go and you will never be the person you need to be tomorrow if you do not survive the struggle that attempts to refine you today.

Just like gold, you are as good as how well you were refined.

Let me ask you now, are you fighting your way out of the refining phase of your life or are you shaping into the person you need to be for your future, your purpose and your destiny?

Be Your Mentor

Be a worthy mentor first to yourself then to others. Though you may not know how to mentor or who you are mentoring, let the very pages and expression of your life testify to how we must live in trying times.

Whatever it is you face daily, never handle it as though it is all about you.

Handle your fears, your failures, your disappointments, your struggles, your rejections, even your successes – handle them all with the consciousness that you are being watched.

Your life is someone else’s guide, your life is someone else’s reference.

If you have an opportunity to speak to the whole world in one setting, what would you say to us all?

The opportunity for you to speak to the whole world will not be given to you in a hall or on a podium rather think about your life as that opportunity. It has been given to you already and I make bold to request please make your life inspiring for us all.

Think this through and Act: Your life is worth being an inspiration. Your struggles might have left you with scars to still carry on. But now more than ever will you be an emblem of hope and a proof of possibilities to others who are struggling too?

Victory Bassey

I help individuals earn a life beyond just earning a living. I am the author of ‘You Are Not A failure‘ and initiator of ‘Come Alive‘, a mentoring program. I am also the founder and host of ‘The Legacy‘

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